Andrés Felipe Solano


Andrés Felipe Solano (Bogotá, 1977) is a novelist and journalist. Author of the novels Sálvame, Joe Louis (Alfaguara, 2007/ Sudaquia, 2013) and Los hermanos Cuervo (Alfaguara, 2012), chosen by Revista Semana as one of the best 10 books published in Colombia in 2012. His texts have been published in several printed media, such as SoHo, Arcadia, Gatopardo (Mexico), La Tercera (Chile), Babelia-El País (Spain), Granta (Spain, UK), The New York Times Magazine and Words Without Borders (US). In 2008, his non-fiction book Seis meses con el salario mínimo was a finalist for the Foundation of New Latin American Journalism Award, and was included in the collection Lo mejor del periodismo en América Latina (FNPI-FCE, 2009) and in the Antología de crónica latinoamericana actual (Alfaguara, 2012). In 2010, he was picked by Granta as one of the 22 best young Spanish-speaking writers. He lives in Seoul, where he is finishing his third novel.

Publications with Sudaquia

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  • Sálvame, Joe Louis

Other Publications

  • Los hermanos Cuervo (Alfaguara, 2012)
  • Sálvame, Joe Louis (Alfaguara, 2007)


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