Héctor Torres

Héctor Torres (Caracas, 1968) is a writer and promoter of literature. He cofounded and directed the webpage of Short Venezuelan Fiction, and created the Critic’s Award to the Best Novel of the Year in Venezuela. He has participated as an editor in several collections of works featuring upcoming Venezuelan writers. He currently works in printed and online press promoting Venezuelan literature.  As a writer he was awarded with a Special Mention in the short story contest of Sacven (2001, 2003) and in the first edition of the contest “Premio de Cuentos Policlínica Metropolitana, para jóvenes autores”. He is the author of El amor en tres platos (2007), El regalo de Pandora (2011), Caracas muerde (2012) and La huella del bisonte. This latter was originally published by Norma in 2008 and was part of the shortlist of the Biannual Adriano González de León (2007).


Pronto en Sudaquia Editores: El amor en tres platos

Publications with Sudaquia

  • La huella del bisonte
  • El amor en tres platos
  • La huella del bisonte

Other Publications

  • El amor en tres platos (Editorial Equinoccio, Caracas, 2007)
  • La huella del bisonte (Editorial Norma, Caracas, 2008)
  • El regalo de Pandora (FBLibros, Caracas, 2011)
  • Caracas muerde (Editorial PuntoCero, Caracas, 2012)


  • Mención especial en el Concurso de Cuentos de Sacven (Caracas, 2001)
  • Mención especial en el Concurso de Cuentos de Sacven (Caracas, 2003)
  • Mención especial Premio de Cuentos Policlínica Metropolitana para Jóvenes Autores (Caracas, 2005)
  • Finalista Bienal de Novela Adriano González León (Caracas, 2006)

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