Enrique Del Risco

Havana , 1967

Enrique Del Risco Arrocha (Havana, 1967), also known as Enrisco, is a prominent historian and professor. He holds a PhD in Latin American Literature from New York University, where he works in the Spanish and Portuguese Department at NYU. Enrisco is a writer with a wide variety of works published in both Spain and in the United States including: Obras encogidas (1992), Pérdida y recuperación de la inocencia (1994), Lágrimas de cocodrilo (1998), Leve Historia de Cuba (2007), and ¿Qué pensarán de nosotros en Japón? (2008), title awarded with the V Premio Iberoamericano Cortes de Cádiz. His stories have been included in different anthologies, and have been translated to English, German and Polish.