Carlos Wynter

Panama City , 1971

Carlos Wynter Melo (Panama City, 1971). Is an industrial engineer and a writer. He studied literature at the Secretaría Cultural of Jalisco. He has been awarded with several short-story prizes, such as the Premio Nacional de Cuento Ignacio Valdés (2005) and an honorific mention in the Premio Centroamericano Rogelio Sinán (2010). In 2007 he was selected as part of the Bogotá 39 group and in 2011 he took part in the Feria del Libro of Guadalajara as one of the “25 best saved secrets of Latin America”. Among his publications we can find: El escapista (1999), Desnudo y otros cuentos (2001), El escapista y demás cuentos (2003), Invisible (2005), El niño que tocó la luna. Narraciones sobre la etnia indígena  emberá (2006) and El escapista y otras reapariciones (2007). His books has been translated into English, German, Portuguese and Hungarian. Nostalgia de escuchar tu risa loca is his first novel.