Osdany Morales


Osdany Morales (Nueva Paz, Cuba, 1981) is the author of the short story collection Minuciosas puertas estrechas (David Prize, 2006). He was awarded with the International Short Story Prize “Casa de Teatro” 2008, in the Dominican Republic. Papyrus, his second novel, was awarded with the “Alejo Carpentier” Prize in 2012. His texts have been included in several short-story collections of Cuban literature, as well as in a number of magazines such as El Cuentero (Cuba), El perro (Mexico) and Quimera (Spain). He currently lives in Brooklyn and thanks to the fellowship given by Banco Santander is studying an MFA in Creative Writing at NYU.

Publications with Sudaquia

  • Papyrus
  • Papyrus

Other Publications

  • Minuciosas puertas estrechas (Ediciones Unión, La Habana, 2007)
  • Maneras de narrar. Cuentos del Premio La Gaceta de Cuba -Antología- (Ediciones Unión, 2006)
  • Los que cuentan -Antología- (Ediciones Cajachina, 2007)
  • La fiamma in boca. Giovani narratori cubani -Antología- (Voland, 2009)
  • A propósito de la nieve derretida. Cuentos del Premio Casa de Teatro -Antología- (Casa de Teatro, 2008)


  • Premio David (Cuba, 2006)
  • Premio Internacional de Cuento Casa de Teatro (República Dominicana, 2008)
  • Premio Alejo Carpentier (Cuba, 2012)

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