Sudaquia Editores is an independent publishing house based in New York City that was established to fulfill two objectives:

1. Become a bridge between Latin American authors and Spanish-speaking readers scattered all over North America and the rest of the world.

2. Offer the opportunity to Hispanic authors to get their books published without having to worry about whether they write best in Spanish or in English.


In addition to offering Latin-American authors a way to reach the US Hispanic Market, we are also a consulting company for all those writers or companies that want to publish a book, or do a shift on their marketing strategy. We can walk you through the publishing process from any level.

Book of the month

Las guerras perdidas

Oswaldo Estrada (Author)

Los personajes de estos cuentos son inmigrantes aferrados a la vida. Viajan del mundo de la política a los laberintos de la religión, o de la violencia…

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